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New Enhancement integrating Akismet for additional Comments SPAM protection on your online web business presence

Patrick Zuluaga - Sunday, September 23, 2012

We have implemented Akismet ( the de facto SPAM protection solution for blogs - easy to manage and use, smart (it learns quickly which comments are SPAM and which are not) and reliable (55 billion SPAM messages is impressive). We've extended Akismet for all types of comments on your online web business presence (web pages, products, catalogues, web apps, etc).


  • Easy to configure and to understand (give me a ring on 0403 436 889 or Contact Us for clarification)
  • Easy to manage SPAM and it can be correlated with manual SPAM moderation as well
  • Better for the visitors to enjoy and interact with your blog

How it impacts business owners

  • All site owners will have to manually enable Akismet on their websites as we haven't enabled it by default
  • In the beginning, Akismet may not be 100% accurate - a few SPAM comments may leak through as valid comments. Don't worry; all you need to do is train Akismet. That is, you should mark all these comments as SPAM manually. Once Akismet becomes experienced enough (this shouldn't take more than a few days, if any), you will have a strong SPAM engine in place.
  • Any site owner can have enabled both Akismet and manual moderation enabled (in case there's a desire not to display specific comments from a specific user)

View Instructions to Manage New Anti-Spam & Comment Rules

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